Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Family Vacation Ideas

Thanksgiving is a family affair. So keeping with the tradition of Thanksgiving here are some ideas to spend vacation with family on Thanksgiving day this year.

I have covered different regions of USA as well as different kind of getaways for people of different taste.

1. New York City Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Also knows as longest running Broadway show Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is major Thanksgiving attraction in NY as well as in USA. This parade was started by Macy's employees mainly 1st generation immigrants in 1924 for the first time and named Macy's Christmas Parade. But eventually name changed to Thanksgiving parade. It is a very magical experience.
If your schedule permits and you are staying for few more days in NY do not forget to visit Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Rockefeller Center.  Travel Ideas: Weekend Getaway To Niagara Falls

2. Plymouth Plantation - Thanksgiving like pilgrims

How about celebrating Thanksgiving like pilgrims celebrated it. Plymouth Plantation is located in the beautiful seaside community of Plymouth, Massachusetts. It provides same experience of spending an evening with pilgrims. You can plan just a dinner, or stay longer for other fun activities in this beautiful community. You can explore the recreation of 1627 English Village by the sea side or visit many exhibits at the location.

3. Amish style thanksgiving in a bed and breakfast inn
Another different style of Thanksgiving in Amish Country of Lancaster county in Pennsylvania.
Stay in their cozy Bed and Breakfast Inn and enjoy the Thanksgiving the Amish Style.

4. German Style Christmas Market and Christmas Tree Lighting

Well Chicago has its own charm as well when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas. It may not be as famous as Macy's Thanksgiving Parade yet, it is not any less charming.
Visit their German Style Christmas Market that starts on Thanksgiving and runs through Christmas. Feels like you are in one of those charming little European towns.

There are lots of other fun events going on at this market for kids as well as for adults.
At the same time you can also see Chicago's Christmas Tree Lightning Ceremony as well.

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5. Woodstock Inn Vermont
This is little expensive place to celebrate Thanksgiving but a very charming and trendy place. Their huge open fireplace in the middle and their decor gives such a cozy feeling. It is a classic New England style place to celebrate family Holiday.

6. Bed and Breakfast Inns:
Stay in one of the many Bed and Breakfast Inns through out USA. Many of these Bed and Breakfast Inns has their special Thanksgiving Packages with fun activities and family thanksgiving dinner.