Tuesday, April 21, 2009

10 Free Things To Do in Portland,Oregon

With mountain on one side and sea on the other, both only one-two hour drive from Portland, you will not run out activities to do in Portland,Oregon. Weekend Getaway From Portland: Seattle

Here is list of Top 10 Things to do in Portland for Free .

1. Multnomah Falls:

Only 30 minutes drive from Portland, this beautiful, roaring waterfall is nation's 2ND highest year-round waterfall. This is a must do on your trip to Portland and it is free too.

For a closer view you should hike to Benson Bridge and you will be able to feel the mist from the Falls. You can also hike further up to see amazing views River George.

2. Oregon's Covered Bridges:

Oregon has largest collection of Covered Bridges. Below link provides a very comprehensive list.


3. Mount Hood:
Mount Hood is one of the three natural wonders of Oregon. (Other two being, Multnomah Waterfall and Columbia River George). Drive east on Hwy 84 parallel to Columbia River George. On your way you will see beautiful cascades of waterfalls, owe-inspiring cliffs and quiet river front towns. One any given day this place and drive is no less than picture perfect.

While here you may want to check out Fruit Loop ! It is 35 mile long loop of Organic fruit farms.

4. Powells Book House (Town of Books):
What is so special about a Book House? This book house is nation's largest book store and takes up entire city block! There are millions of volumes available here. Every day there are some or other events and activities hosted at Powells for people of variety of tastes. Check out their calendar.

5. Forest Park:
Located close to downtown Portland, this 5000 acre park provides peaceful and tranquil environment. This park has about 70 miles of trails and many other opportunities for recreation.

6. Portland's Saturday Market:
This is largest outdoor arts and crafts market which is also longest running in USA. This market is Dog Friendly. There are variety of food booths in the market as well. Food varies from Greek,BBQ,Asian, Himalayan ! etc.

7. Oregon Beach Towns:
As mentioned above Oregon Coast is also only two hours drive from Portland downtown. Even though water here is too cold for most people to swim, wetsuit swimming is popular in many area. Miles of unspoiled beaches and breathtaking views are very relaxing.

Take Hwy 99 west to Hwy 18 west to reach Lincon City. It is very popular kite flying destination. During early spring,fall and winter you can also see gray whales.
Two other famous beaches are Sea Side Beach and Cannon Beach also about two hours drive from Portland.

8. Portland Rose Garden:
One interesting piece of history about Rose Garden of Portland. This garden was created during 1st world war as a safe place for unique hybrid roses created in Europe to save them from bombing.
Entry to this garden is free and on Tuesdays and Thursdays free guided tours are also available.

9: Pioneer Courthouse Square
Pioneer Courthouse Square is located in middle of Portland downtown. About 9 million people visit this place every year. It is one of the leading outdoor venue in Portland that hosts about 300 events every year which includes outdoor movies, concerts, dance programs, parades etc.

10. Brewery tours

Talk about Portland will not be complete without mentions its Breweries. It is one of top destinations in US for Beer.
Check out Full Sail Brewing Company. They offer daily brewing tours free of charge.
307 SW Montgomery Street Portland, OR 97201 (503) 222-5343

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