Saturday, July 27, 2013

3 Day Itinerary for Stockholm,Sweden

Stockholm is actually an archipelago, organised onto 14 islands which means 30% of the capital is made up of waterways. Another 30% is given over to green space making it one of the cleanest and greenest cities in Europe. As well as being a center for design and fashion, Stockholm also offers a rich historic experience, unique architecture and world class attractions. Here is sample itinerary for visiting Stockholm for three days and its  must see attractions.

Day One: Central Attractions and the Old Town
Located in Djurgarden are two of Stockholm`s major attractions. The Vasa Museum (closest subway is Karlaplan), showcases a 17th century warship, the only one of its kind in the world. The ship sank in 1628 when it was on its maiden voyage and wasn`t salvaged for 333 years. The museum tells the story of the ship, its preservation and the lives of those on board. Located fairly nearby is The Skansen Open Air Museum and Zoo (nearest Subway is T-Centralen Station) which offers visitors a unique museum experience. Highlights include a tour through Sweden`s medieval history and this is the best place to understand the culture and traditions of the Swedes.

After lunch, head to the Old Town, known as Gamla Stan, where visitors can experience historic Stockholm. The first thing to do here is take a visit to the Royal Palace which is open to the public and houses no less than five museums. Now it`s time to chill out and wander around Gamla Stan, one of the most atmospheric and well preserved medieval towns in Europe. Let afternoon ease you into evening by sampling some of Stockholm`s best loved bars.

Day Two: Drottningholm Palace and Shopping
Drottningholm Palace is one of the major attractions in Stockholm as well as being a World Heritage Site. Slightly out of the centre it is accessible by train and bus, by bus alone or by boat which is the only real way to reach this magnificent palace. Ideally you`d want an entire day for the splendid 15th century palace and gardens, but if you are only in Stockholm for three days then a half day will suffice.

Fashion and Sweden go hand in hand and the best place to catch up with the latest Scandinavian trends is along Drottninggatan in Norrmalm. Here you will find a number of Swedish and international brands.

Day Three:The Archipelago
Sadly many people visit Stockholm and don`t make it out to the far reaching islands. It`s worth dedicating a day to this and there are many boat tours available to take you to the highlights. Some tours include lunch so you can really make a day of it.

If you have anytime leftover, the surrounding areas deserve to be explored, many visitors find car rental such is a great way to do this. Highlights include the historic town of Uppsala to the north, which boasts one of the oldest universities in the world and Sigtuna, Sweden`s first town.