Tuesday, October 14, 2008

3 Days Itinerary In Seattle

Mt. Rainier looking upon Seattle creates wallpaper like panorama. Lots of public parks and lakes provides prefect balance of leisure and activity in Seattle. Many times it can become very cloudy and rainy as well in Seattle. Below is suggested three day itinerary for Seattle trip.
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Day 1
On Day 1 in Seattle head to Pike Place Market. Pike Place Market is one of the oldest running farmers market. Over the years it has converted to much more than a farmers market. There are fresh produce stores, family owned small restaurants, antique shops, speciality shops etc.
This market is overlooking Eliot Bay waterfront in Seattle. It is built on a steep hill. Providing very beautiful views of the city.
You may keep coming to Pike Place again through out your trip to try so many variety of food available there.
Next stop on day one can be Kerry Park. It is located in one of nicest neighbourhood of Seattle. Queen Ann Hill. This park provides best views of Seattle. In single panorama you will see Downtown Seattle, Elliot Bay and Mount Rainier.

At night you can visit Space Needle observatory. Very beautiful downtown views awaits you from top of the Space Needle.

Head back to Pikes Place Market for dinner!!

Day 2 -

On Day 2 you may decide to take a little drive from Seattle. More like a day trip to Mt. Rainier National Park. Park is about 2 hours drive from Seattle. Then within the park depending on the stops you make, you could spend any where from 2-4 hours. From Seattle there are two entrances. Paradise Point and Sunrise Point. Start from Sunrise Point and drive all the way to Paradise Point. On the way make stops at splashing rivers and calm lakes as you prefer. You can also take small hikes on Wonderland Trail or any other trail depending on your choice. Depending on the season you will get to many waterfalls on the way as well. Best season to see water falls is around April/May when snow is melting. Clouds coming and disappearing makes paradise like environment. There are many cozy bed and breakfast Inns near the area as well. So you may prefer to stay there overnight instead of driving back to Seattle. Day Trips and Weekend Getaways from Seattle

Day 3 -

Looking for things to do with Kids? Visit Woodland Park Zoo. It is a Animal Sanctuary. Animals are kept here in their natural habitat as much as possible. Many of these animals are endangered species. There are programmes to see and feel animals up close.

Green Lake Park is also near by Wood Land Park Zoo. It is Seattle's most loved park. Biking and Walking trails. Swimming, Wind Surfing, Tennis Court , Greenery in the middle of the city. Take a small picnic basket and enjoy rest of the day there.

If you have more time in Seattle you may make a week-end getaway to Portland,Oregon. It is about 3 hours drive from Seattle.