Friday, October 17, 2008

Trip To Colorado - Denver

With snow capped mountains as it backdrop, Denver is perfect combination for rugged outdoor adventures and charming city life.

Below post is 1st one in three day itinerary series for Denver. Please find Day 2 and Day 3 itinerary here.

There are some very cool places to see in Denver. United States Mint was founded in 1897 and is still operation in middle of Denver downtown. You may book your tour online or at the window. Tour is free. But better to reserve ahead of time. ( .

Next stop Molly Brown House. This is house of Unsinkable Molly Brown. Who was probably the most famous survivor of Titanic. Her house has been converted to a museum showcasing items from early 1900s. Including base ball glove of Babe Ruth. Tour of this museum will be good learning experience for kids as well as adults.

Next stop Denver Botanical Garden. These are one of the top ranked botanical gardens in US. It covers about 23 acres and is home to more than 15000 species. They offer spectacular display of variety of plants and flowers by different themes. Rose gardens, European Gardens, Japanese Gardens etc. Kids will love Story Book Gardens ! See below a walkway in European Gardens.

If you are on a family vacation then visiting Denver Zoo is one of the most loved activity for kids.Their Children's program provide unique and fun way to learn about animals. Denver Zoo houses about 4000 different animals of about 700 different species. A large indoor rain forest, fresh and marine aquarium are some of the many such attractions.

At night head back to downtown and visit 16Th Street mall. It is a very lively open mall in located in heart of Denver. As name suggests it takes whole 16Th Street. There are free shuttles going back-end forth one end of the mall to another. Fun place to hang out.