Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun Water Activity Around Austin

There is no shortage of fun water activities for kids and families in and around Austin. From Lake Travis to Lake Austin and Barton springs to name the few. But who would think of lush tall Cedar trees, interesting rock formations and caves, wide open camp grounds and natural spring water year round, even during hardest drought right outside Austin in Krause Spring.

Only 45 minutes from Austin, on Hwy 71 West, lies this private property of Krause Springs. It is maintained by Mr. and Mrs. Krause and their son. As soon as you enter the property, towards your right side is this beautiful butterfly garden. Chirping birds and wind chimes and beautiful butterflies creates a very relaxed environment.
Walk further down and there is small man made treated water swimming pool, surrounded by lush vegetation. There are benches and grills for picnicking and makes Krause Springs a perfect place for a day trip from Austin. Pets and glass containers are not allowed though. Travel Ideas: Day Trips Around Austin
Take a little walk and climb down stairs and you come across this beautiful spring. Again surrounded with lush,tall trees and limestone canyons and some very interesting rock formations and caves. Water is flowing from inside the caves and falling from the canyons. You can even go inside the caves.
There are wide open and clean camp sites and RV connections through out the park making it a nice place for a cheap weekend getaway. It is worth the drive.
A very interesting and fun thing to do for kids at Krause Springs is this rope tied from a tall tree. Kids can hang on to the rope and jump inside the water. It is fun to see these jumping kids as well.
A word of cuation. The surface is very slippery. So be carful. Also there are many underwater rocks that are not visible.
Another very beutiful water hole Hamilton Pool is only short drive from Krause Springs. Travel Ideas:Hamilton Pool