Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day Trips from London

London is very well placed in UK and with best transport system in the world, it is a great place to make base and then travel around. Depending on time on hand, your day trips around London could include very wide variety of sightseeing activities and things to do. Three day itinerary for London

Here are top getaways from London.

1. Windsor Castle:
This is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the country. It is official resident of the Queen.

This 900 year old castle contains beautiful royal gardens, palaces, chapels and living quarter of many officials. This truly majestic castle is located on beautiful grounds and one of the best place for a day trip from London.

You can take London subway (tube) and get to the castle in about hour or so. Or you may decide to use tour offered by one of the many tour operators.

2. Greenwich and Queen's Museum:
Greenwich is famous not just for Prime Meridian Line. There are many other attractions in the surrounding area. 16th Century Queen's House which is now converted to Art Gallery, Royal Naval Collage and Royal Observatory to name the few. Greenwich Park and Market are fun to spend a afternoon. It will be very fun and enriching day out for the kids as well as adults.
It takes about 30-45 minutes by train or bus to get to Greenwich. If weather is good you may want to take boat ride. It is fun and it can also serve the purpose of on board sight seeing cruise for attractions like Westminster Abbey etc.
3. Cambridge:
This university town even though small, offers amazing variety of family friendly activities. It is about 50 miles from London and will take about hour or so by train to get there.
Depending on your preference you may choose one of the many ways explore the city. Either take self guided tour , guided walking tour, private customized group tour or even very relaxing boat tour !

4. Stonehenge and Salisbury:
Stonehenge is one of the seven wonders of ancient world. There are many stories and legend around who built this mysterious structure. But regardless of how they came into existence, to see this place is once in a lifetime and very unique experience.
You can travel to Stonehenge via public transport. You will find it in more detail in above link. You can also get private tours and they cover Lacock and Bath as well. Lacock is home town of Jane Austin, the famous author many classic novels like Pride and Prejudice , Emma etc. Romantic films based on these novels were also shoot in this charming town. Its architecture still dates back to 15th through 18th Century. It is one of the most beautiful villages in England.

City of Bath famous for roman baths. Its natural hot water springs are providing hot water even after 10000 years.
5. Wales:
Miles of natural wonders, unspoilt coastline and countryside, rich history and culture, majestic castles. That is wales. It is only two hours by train from London. There are tons out outdoor activities like walking tours and biking tours available as well.

6. Lake District:
UK's lake is district is one of the most beautiful landscape in England. This area covered with innumerable mountains, lakes and streams. This area is agriculturally very important and famous for its farming and dairy business. There are working farms where you can stay and have ultimate farm experience without doing hard farm work.

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