Sunday, October 4, 2009

Trip To Grand Canyon And Hoover Dam

Visit to one of the seven natural wonders of the world Grand Canyon and one of the seven forgotten wonders of the Modern World Hoover Dam is awe inspiring.

Both of these wonders are only a day trip or at most a week-end getaway from some of the major USA cities like Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Before Hoover Dam was built river Colorado was this wild thing that brought floods every year and was not much useful. Taming River Colorado with Hoover Dam was a big feat. It is still the biggest dam in whole world. There are couple of ways to explore the dam. You can take a tour package for a day trip to Hoover Dam from Las Vegas or Phoenix. Or you can drive to Hoover Dam which is located about 30 miles from Las Vegas on Arizona and Nevada border.

Once at the Dam you can take the Hoover Dam Discovery Tour or the Power Plant tour provided by the Hoover Dam Visitor Center.  BTW if you scared of heights you may not want to look over from the road at the Dam.

While at Hoover Dam you may also want to check out Lake Mead. It is largest water reservoir in United States. It was formed by water from Hoover Dam. It is famous for its water activities.

Moving on to the one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, powerful and inspiring Grand Canyon. There are one day tour packages available covering Hoover Dam as well as Grand Canyon. But I found them little too hectic and did not provide proper chance to explore Grand Canyon for all it has to offer.

If your schedule permits do take multi day tour packages. If you do want to explore grand canyon on your own, you may plan to stay at Grand Canyon. There are nice camping grounds both at south rim and north rim. Apart from camping ground, there are 7 different lodging facilities inside the Grand Canyon Park. They range anywhere from trailer park to very sophisticated lodges.

Once inside the park, you can drive your own vehicle or use the shuttle bus provided by the park at no cost There are various shuttle buses covering various view points, hotels, restaurants, gift shops, trails and scenic drives etc. There are hop-on-hop-off services and you can enjoy the park at your leisure.
Another beautiful way to explore the Grand Canyon is via Grand Canyon Railway. If you enjoy water activities do not forget rafting inside the grand canyon. There are many service providers in the area providing rafting, air tours, hiking etc.

A relatively newly added attraction to explore grand canyon is the grand canyon sky walk. Name itself causes goosebumps. This 4825 feet high glass platform lets us view grand canyon in a very new way.